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Olympian Gods: From the Dresden Sculpture Collection

Nov 17, 2018 – Feb 17, 2019

The Museum Barberini presented forty-five works from the Dresden collection of antiquities, including masterpieces such as the Dresden Zeus and the statue of Athena Lemnia. 

For the ancient Greeks, imposing statues signified the presence of the gods and symbolized power and ideal beauty. During the Roman Empire, sculptors copied Greek models that conveyed an aura of education and scholarship. To this day, these works continue to express grandeur and charm.

“August the Strong, Elector of Saxony, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, founded the Dresden Sculpture Collection, and together with the gods he gathered the heroes and paragons of virtue at court. He received the bust of Ares and the Hermes Herb as a gift from the King in Prussia, Frederick William I. After almost 300 years, these works find their way back to Potsdam before they will find their permanent home in the renovated Semper Building in Dresden.”

Michael Philipp, Chief Curator, Museum Barberini
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