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Monet: Places

22. February – July 19, 2020

With over one hundred paintings, the Museum Barberini presented the largest retrospective ever to be devoted to the Impressionist painter Claude Monet in a German museum.

More than one hundred works charted the places from which Claude Monet (1840–1926) drew inspiration for his Impressionist plein-air painting—from Paris and the Seine villages of Argenteuil, Vétheuil, and Giverny to travel destinations such as London and Venice. The show brought together numerous key works from every period of Monet’s oeuvre, and was the first exhibition to illustrate his artistic development by examining his choice and awareness of places.


“Scholars have rigorously explored Monet’s art, but our focus on the places that inspired him offers new insights into his artistic interests and methods. We wanted to show how important certain landscapes and topographies were at decisive turning points in his career, and to examine more closely how and why these places influenced the course of his painting.”

Daniel Zamani, Curator of the exhibition, Museum Barberini

“An entire room of our retrospective was devoted exclusively to Monet’s garden in Giverny. In his iconic paintings of water lilies, a free play of color and form is carving out its way, making him one of the most important precursors of abstract painting in the early twentieth century.”

Ortrud Westheider, Director of the Museum Barberini
Monet: Places
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