Clouds and Light: Impressionism in Holland

July 8, 2023 – October 22, 2023

Landscape painting originated in Holland, and the realism of the seventeenth-century Old Masters long set the standard. With the development of plein air painting in France, nineteenth-century Dutch artists found new inspiration. Painters of the Hague School captured nature’s changing moods of light in vast, cloudy skies using a wide range of grays. Beginning in the 1880s, Impressionist influences from France sparked an interest in cityscapes and images of modern life, followed by the unleashing of color in the painting of Pointillism.

 Ferdinand Hart Nibbrig,  Auf den Dünen in Zandvoort , 1892, Museum Singer Laren​

Ferdinand Hart Nibbrig, Auf den Dünen in Zandvoort, 1892, Museum Singer Laren​