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Press releases
Thu, 29. Nov 2018
Conference Van Gogh: Still Lifes
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Thu, 22. Nov 2018
When and why does art touch us?
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Thu, 26. July 2018
Color and Light: The Neo-Impressionist Henri-Edmond Cross (2018/11/17–2019/2/17)
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Thu, 28. June 2018
Gerhard Richter: Abstraction First exhibition of a contemporary artist in Museum Barberini (2018/6/30–2018/10/21)
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Wed, 27. June 2018
Museum Barberini presents masterpieces from the collections of the palazzi Barberini and Corsini Rome
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Fri, 8. June 2018
Exhibition Max Beckmann. World Theater end successfully with around 90,000 visitors
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Wed, 23. May 2018
Masterpieces by Nolde, Feininger, Nay and an Oral Culture Project Accompany the Gerhard Richter Show
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Fri, 18. May 2018
Prior notice: Gerhard Richter: Abstraction (2018/6/30–2018/10/21)
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Thu, 26. Apr 2018
Accompanying program to the exhibition Max Beckmann. World Theater
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Thu, 1. Mar 2018
Exhibition schedule Museum Barberini, Potsdam 2018/2019
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Thu, 25. Jan 2018
In 2019 Museum Barberini exhibits Picasso’s Late Work
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Mon, 15. Jan 2018
Max Beckmann: The World as a Stage (2018/2/24–2018/6/10)
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